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OAPB Bimini Trip & Tournament

Author: Mike Milewski

2019 OAPB Bimini Tournament Recap

After a weeks of preparation and anticipation the day to cross over to the Bahamas had arrived. We were so excited for this trip and tournament with our fishing club. Bimini, Bahamas was our destination which is roughly 78 miles from our dock in Boynton Beach, FL. With no storms on the horizon we packed up our 23 Regulator, loaded the live well with gogs, and cleared Boynton Beach Inlet by 6:15am. With 2-3ft seas this crossing was a breeze in our Regulator! The Legendary ride is remarkable! I set the auto pilot on our Garmin GPS and 2 hours later we were pulling into Bimini! 

Pulling into the channel in Bimini never gets old. We were greeted by incredible Bimini Blue water! We cleared customs, unpacked, and washed down our Regulator. After we were settled it was time to relax, enjoy the resort, and getting ready for our tournament in the AM. 

Tournament day was a truly a blast! With three different categories (Pelagic, Bottom fish and Deep Drop) it was going to be a challenge that we have never tackled before. However we worked hard and were getting tight from the start.  We focused our efforts live baiting in the AM, then moved to deep dropping and lastly wrapped up the day trolling. Live baiting in the morning led to a number of fish!! We landed a number different species including Barracudas, Horse Eye Jacks, Cero Macerals, and Trigger Fish. Unfortunately we lost the Kingfish we were looking for ten feet from the boat.

We decided to make a move to start to focus on some deep dropping. We worked some productive area from 900feet to 700feet. From the first drop we found the yellow eyes that we were looking for. We kept dropping and found nine yellow eyes! Awesome!! Perfect for the dinner table and enough to bring some back to FL!! 

We fished the day up trolling our way back to Bimini Big Game Club.   It was an outstanding day! Now it was time to weigh in some fish for the deep drop category and get ready for dinner on the dock.

Saturday was going to be a fun day to enjoy the wonders of Bimini off shore! We started the day off at the SS Sapona and then headed over to Honeymoon Harbor to raft up with some friends!

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