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November Key's Trip @southflorida_Sharks Big Tipper

Author: South Florida Sharks

Fall Florida Keys Shark Fishing

Recently me and a good friend Chris sat down and figured we should plan out a Key's trip down to the bridges down there and do some fishing. We got down there hit long key first put out a amberjack and cuda sat on them until tide flip but that bridge was dead as soon as the sun came up we packed it up and bridge hopped. 

We decided to hit 7 Mile where we meetup with JD Hammers brother we got there and the bite was on we jigged up some blue runners and walked them for cudas had on commit but took bait..The yellow jacks were eating every bait u put down so we loaded up on them while the sun was up. Later on we decided to put out Shark baits my good friend Chris put out a whole cuda and i put out a nice size yellow jack on the duel. Later that night after catching some mangroves and mutton snapper we hear a big splash then the duel 12/0WS start screaming i let him eat and layed into him IT WAS ON.

I knew since i had Bullbuster on my reels i could lock down and not worry about popping off immediately after setting hook he jumped then shot at me the 300lb bullbuster was rubbing on the bridge but i had nothing to worry about knowing how abrasion resistant Bullbuster fishing lines are. The rest of the night was dead stay tuned for more reports from us over at @southflorida_sharks. Remember never pay full retail shot here at bullbuster and get brand direct ALSO USE PROMO CODE "sflsharks" AND GET AN EXTRA 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER

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