Fishing Report:

November Flamingo

Author: Austin Porter

November Flamingo (Everglades Fishing Report)

Hello all,

November 19 I headed down to Flamingo to fish the shorelines. Once we arrived the weather was stable enough to take the outside ramp and go that way. We started are track to head out and hit a few close wrecks but being in a smaller boat the weather never allowed for that circumstance. So we decided to cast the shore lines, we hit East Cape with some luck on trout and pompano. All I throw is jigs either with soft plastics, fresh shrimp tipped, or just plain ducktail jig. After East Cape we hit Lake Ingraham, the snook were blasting the baits almost coming into the boat. The tide was dropping and the snook were at the mouth of the Lake. Total snook were about 6-7 in just a few short minutes. After we hit some more shorelines picking off a redfish. On the way home we stopped in Whitewater Bay were we found clean water but the luck wasn't their as we didn't catch anything. I used 12b Bullbuster Mono with Bullbuster's 30b regular leader mono. 


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