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November 26-27 Miami Fishing Report

Author: Alex Wexler

NOVEMBER 26 Offshore Fishing Miami

Spent the morning lobster diving in the Bay so we didn't leave the dock to fish until about 2:30. The original plan was to just go check our stone crab traps but we made a last minute call to run offshore. The bait spot was on the way so we decided if bait fishing was good and we could get a few baits quickly that we would kite fish. If not, we would run out and planer troll for stone crab bait. 

Bait fishing was decent. We got about 8 Threads and a Runner and decided to see what we could make happen. We got to the edge at about 4. By the time we got the spread out the sun was looking pretty low so we were racing the sun for a bite.  

Offshore Fishing

At about 4:45 we got our sailfish bite on the thread. The fish didnt even show himself until about ten minutes into the fight. While fighting that fish we pulled the hook on another who came after the long. The sun was just about hitting the horizon at that time and that second fish jumped right in front of the sun.  What a sight to see...  


We landed the sail right as the sun set and raced the light to rip out another spread.  It only took about 5 minutes and we got another bite.  We fought the fish into the dark and got a release on him.  Gotta love South Florida....  



Had to be back to the dock by noon so we set out to fish at about 7am. Caught some threads and bought Gogs and Pilchards on the way out.  We had to wait for a storm to pass and it was blowing pretty good so we didn't get fishing until about 9:30. 

On the way out we saw a lot of life.  There were groups of Flyers coming up everywhere and tons of birds on the Edge.

Mahi In The Boat

On our first drift I saw something going after the short bait.  When I locked it up a decent Mahicame jumping out of the water. We got him to the boat and set the lines back out.  

Mahi Jumping

When setting the second bait we saw a schoolie chasing the first.  He took the bait and started jumping.  Immediately we were covered up and it was a race to get as many lines in the water as we could. 

Mani Underwater

We ended up catching about 8 Mahis and let a few go boatside. On the way in we planer trolled and caught a kingfish. Fun weekend on the water!

Best Mahi Mahi Underwater Shot

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