Fishing Report:

Northeast Canyons Report -- Rhode Island Fishing

Author: The Tree Guy

Fishing The Canyons Offshore New England!

The bigeye and bluefin action has been insane offshore of Rhode Island for the past few weeks.  Its been so good that we have had time to test out new types of fishing after loading the boat up with cores!  



This bluefin put up a heck of a fight on spinning tackle. We use Shimano Stella's full to the brim with Bullbuster hollow core braid and hang on tight!

You never know what you will find trolling 100 miles offshore, this bird sat down for a rest while we were trolling for tuna.

Since we have easily been able to find the tuna we have had some time to test out a new fishery (Day Time Swordfishing). Jack from East Coast charters has taught us a lot when it comes to day dropping.  With Jacks help we were able to bring this 100Lber up from the depths. We hooked several other fish but  pulled the hook.  This season the daytime swordfishing has been awesome, and many hookups are instantaneous.  We fish 65LB and 80LB  braid for our daytime sword setups. 
Triple gaffs into this feisty daytime sword.
When we haven't been catching big bluefin or swords there has been plenty of other action.  The yellowfin are always a blast.  Its awesome to hook up on  a pack of em, that is when mayhem ensues. 

On our way in we usually break out the lighter tackle and check out the lobster pots.  There are often schoolies along the pots, but if your lucky you can find big cows, and bulls hanging out  just waiting to eat.  These things are always eating, they grow up to 6 inches every single week, so we have no problem baiting them up on live bait or artificials.


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