Fishing Report:


Author: South Florida Sharks

Landbased Shark Fishing At Its Best

Me and team mate Chris Milioti planned this trip for awhile. Loaded up the coolers with rays, jacks, barracudas. We got to the beach kayaked out 4 baits and casted out another bait. Just before sunset Chris's Accurate 130 with 200lb Bullbuster mono starts slow rolling. He harness's up reels tight and it's on quick fight on the 130 and the fish is to the beach. As we are putting a tail rope on the bull the surf rod doubles over Chris Clark runs over to it sets into it and get the other bull to the beach pretty quickly.

Later that night my 80w avet loaded with 130lb Bullbuster braid get's hit with a whole 25lb ray i let it eat and reel tight the fight is on getting pulled around the beach. I have Chris holding onto my handle on the harness because of the power this fish had. About a 30 minute fight we see the fish and get a rope on it. All i heard was "TIGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" so I hopped out of the harness ran down to pull the fish up and get a few quick pictures. We release the tiger and follow the fish down the beach until she turns out to ensure a fish doesn't die.

Got back down to camp and re-rigged the 80w with a Jack kayaked it back out solid and the wait is on. Click click click WE'RE ONNNNNNNNNNNNN I harness back up let the fish eat on the duel 12/0w and reel tight heavy but not pulling any line. As i get the fish to the bar we see a big splash and I start getting pulled In Chris has to grab my handle on the harness. The fish is still super green as he didn't fight while he was out far so i tire him out in the surf. Tigerrrrrrr we  get a tail rope on her measure and snap a few pictures and get her back on it's way to make she can live a good life.



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