Fishing Report:

No Shortage Of Sharks In Maryland

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Maryland Landbased Shark Fishing

Friday evening came and the mad dash began. Clocked out, and rushed to my appointment with the tide. Prepped the gear the night before. Loaded the car and embarked upon the 2-3 hour drive. Arriving to the beach in time to catch the incoming tide. Two spinning rods out, cut bunker and homemade rigs. Wind was low, and conditions were great. Our intentions were to catch stingray's to use for shark bait for an upcoming trip. Also to drop some bigger baits with the kayak in the morning. The first few hours were slow with few hits. Fortunately the bite picked up. 

The first shark was a healthy juvenile dusky. Landed around 1am. Small but beautiful, quick release. The tide was productive, this process had continued throughout the night. Catching and releasing, the bite picking up and slowing down. We ended up catching and releasing a total of 5 sharks. They were all juveneil, and healthy. Some measuring up to 5ft.  Landing 3 Sandbars and 2 Duskys. We were able to tag one Sandbar for NOAA.

Maryland Shark Fishing

All sharks were caught on spinning gear. The bait was casted out into the second trough. The bite lasting until morning, the last shark landed was 9am. I'm sure the bite would have went on but it was time to pack up. The trip was amazing, the sharks were small but fierce. We ultimately didn't end up landing any bait for our future trip and our kayaked bait sat untouched. The time was well spent, the trip was productive, and the sunrise captivating. Gear always withstanding. 

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