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Ninja Sharkers Spring Time Bite 2015

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Spring time Shark Fishing.

As you know the spring time and change of season brings upon some of the best fishing of the year. Shark Fishing is no different. This time of year can be tricky though as March and April can also bring upon some very windy conditions.

JD With A Solo Tiger Shark
JD caught this tiger shark while fishing solo!

And with the methods we use in taking our baits out off beaches, windy conditions can be dangerous. You certainly need to be able to adjust to the wind patterns and currents this time of the year, but if you do your homework you can make adjustments and still find ways to land Big Sharks. 

Shark Bait!
Ninja Sharker Jonathan with a fat bonita for shark bait!

We hope that you enjoyed the video we made that shows how good a spring time bite can be. You will see Sharks caught from both beaches and bridges in this picture video. All of these Fish and Sharks were caught during March & April of 2015. And all of these Fish and Sharks were caught using Bullbuster Braid & Bullbuster Monofilament. 

Shark Fishing From A Bridge
Ninja Sharker Luis fights a tipper from a keys bridge.

A blast from the past, looking back at 2015.

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