Fishing Report:

Nighttime Mangrove Snapper Off Whistle Buoy

Author: Austin Porter

South Florida Summer Bottom Fishing Report

July 29

This time of the year the Mangrove Snapper are on the reefs spawning. My favorite spot is off Whistle Buoy just because Ive done it for years their and know the area good. 

I get to my spot around 6pm and anchor it up. I put chum in and catch the yellowtails that come into the chum line. The yellowtails are pretty much to kill time as my target species is Mangroves Snapper when I fish at night. 

Mangrove Snapper

About 10pm the Mangroves will roll around, you will catch smaller ones than all the sudden the bigger snapper just take over. I use Bullbuster 20lb mono with regular 60lb leader because these fish want to run through everything on the bottom. 


I found that the bigger snapper want either live pinfish or FRESH cut bait. Anything thats been frozen they don't seem to be to crazy about it. 

Also 90% fishing at night, the pilchards are so thick around the boat that you can constantly catch fresh bait. 

Hint: If the boat is surrounded by pilchards than all the sudden they disappear, its a good sign that the mangroves are in full force and even on the surface eating!

Once I filet the Mangroves this morning I notice that they only had a little row inside them. The next full moon should set this fish off!


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