Fishing Report:

Night Fishing For Bass???

Author: Capt Drew

Repeat client Jay Fisher wanted in on catching giant Bass at night. I took him to one of my favorite spots in the world. This location doesn’t usually grant you with a lot of bites, but boy are there big ones here.

It was a tough night to say the least, but I still managed a couple Giants. It took Jay a little while to get the hang of what we were doing as he’s not an avid Bass fisherman just yet. I was catching them here and there and he wasn’t capitalizing at first. Finally he gets a bite, sets the hook and up up comes this Tarpon.

What a treat. His first ever Tarpon while Bass fishing. He was stoked. Eventually, he got in the swing of things and was catching them a little better. I caught a 5 pounder that night that was one of those freak fish. Sooooo strong and absolutely ripping drag. She wasn’t the biggest of the night but she fought like she was. Here’s another look at the biggest of the night.

Thanks for reading,

-Capt Drew

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