Fishing Report:

Night Fishing Calaveras Lake - Night 2

Author: Christopher Meza

After spending hours fishing night time the day before it was time to head home and get some good sleep on a comfy bed but to my surprise, I noticed my brother was back home from the oil field. He mentioned he wanted to fish and said let’s fish tonight, which was Saturday night and I said, let’s do it! 

We had a buddy who was still fishing the same area I left in the morning and called him up to see what time he plan on leaving and said he was going to pack up at the moment I called him. Once I heard that I told my brother let’s get ready to leave so that we can get the same spot which had produced some catfish the pervious night and in hopes for a better productive night.

Spent some time Making leaders using bullbuster monofilament with some crimps sold by bullbuster. I like to go over board on my leaders because when I get snagged I am able to retrieve my entire leader back when applying tons of pressure to un-snag.

Around 6:30 or so I decide to throw one rod out with some fishbites. I like to use three different flavors at the same time. First I put on crab flavor then I add the crawfish scent next  and lastly add shrimp scent fishbites at the end. Order of scents doesn’t matter but make sure to put crawfish scent in between to keep it from dissolving faster than the long lasting shrimp and crab scents.

I would say closer to 7pm, my rod went down and clicker went screaming as the redfish took off with the fishbites. As I fought the fish for a couple of minutes, I though to myself that it wasn’t going to be anything decent besides a dinker but after netting the fish and measuring, he came in at 30.5in long! Not by far the biggest redfish I caught but I can’t complain either. After that initial redfish, the night went quite for hours with nothing to show beside that one redfish and like I said I was ok with that! 

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