Fishing Report:

Night Fishing Calaveras Lake - Night 1

Author: Christopher Meza

June Fishing San Antonio

Been a couple weeks since I fished and it’s summer time in Texas so you already know it’s going to be HOTTTT! Either way I was going to fish but this time I waited till the sun was setting to hopefully catch some big blue catfish on Friday night! 

Preferred bait is some gizzard shad heads. Most people fillet big gizzards or use whole but I like cutting off the head and using bass pro brand Cat maxx 7/0 bait holder circle hooks.

Fishing left side of Calaveras Lake tends to hold deeper water and we fished a point called the “horseshoe” since its u shaped like a horseshoe. That night wasn’t as productive as I hoped for but I ended up with a 9lb blue and a 6lb blue! Biggest of the night came in at 12lbs and all blues were caught using gizzard shad. No redfish caught at all and even the guides came back with very few red fish from Friday to Saturday evening.


Check out some of our videos from fishing braunig lake and Calaveras and if your into carp fishing we have some videos of our catches and a how to video on what bait we use!

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