Fishing Report:

Night Bite In New Symrna!

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

October 2018 Night Fishing In New Symrna

The night bite in New Symrna Beach has been great over the past few weeks. We have been fishing the causeways primarily and have been catching snook, redfish and tarpon. We have been throwing large swim baits and flairhawks on the incoming tide slowly burning the swimbaits so they stay right above the bottom. The flair hawks have been the real hot ticket lately, I prefer to fish them in the middle of the water column instead of the bottom and I have been getting hit with lots of bull redfish and tarpon.

Night Time Redfish

The equipment I have been using is a Star Rods VPR 9ft paired with a Van Staal VSX200 spooled with bullbuster 30lb braid and using 60lb and 80lb leader. The reason for such heavy leader is for the abrasive mouth of the snook and tarpon. Your trying to keep the fish out of the structure and you are putting an incredible amount of pressure on the fish while fighting it. That heavier line wont fray as easily helping you to land the fish and after landing the fish make sure to retie so you don't lose your lure on the next fish you catch.

It helps using the longer rod for sensitivity and leverage to pull the fish out of structure and the bigger reel boasts more drag and a lower gear ratio. The lower gear equals more power and torque as well being able to slow roll your baits close to the bottom leaving the bait in the strike zone longer.

Good luck and Tight lines,

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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