Fishing Report:

New Jersey Striper Fishing 5/3/2019

Author: Ryan Carson

Striper Fishing In New Jersey May 2019

We launched nice and early hoping to find the fish before any boat traffic showed up. With no luck we searched for a few hours before deciding to try a different part of the bay. 

Our Spread For Striped Bass

We tried it a little differs than normal and our spread consisted of a Joebaggs Tackle chartreuse mojo and white mojo. A 9 inch swim shad and a 8” Team Scabellys Plugs troller. 

Around 10:30 we found a good school of fish just off of ammo pier. By 10:35 we had our first hit. We caught 2 fish on the JoeBaggs chartreuse mojo, 2 fish on the JoeBaggs white Mojo and 3 fish on the 9 inch swimshad. Lost a fish at the boat when it slammed its head into the back of the boat. Ended up going 7/8 on fish hooked up To landed. Had multiple “short hits” with fish grabbing the mojos tails just missing the hook. We don’t use a stinger hook for the simple reason that both the JoeBaggs #freedomfish & #patriotfish have great movement and cause the fish to hit fast and hard. If we had a stinger hook it would put the fishes life in jeopardy.

With that said it was a great day fishing! We got our limit of unders and played catch and release after that.

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On a side note the Freedom fish I can’t say enough about them. They have been catching every trip this season. We have limited out every trip and have released dozens of fish off them. We finally retired out first tail after it successfully landed at least 10-15 fish and multiple hits from Fish that grabbed the back of The tail.

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With all that said going to do a simple giveaway but it will be well worth it. Rules are simple. Like this post like and follow JoeBaggs tackle they are tagged at the top of the post. Once you’ve done both comment #freedomfish in the comments to Be entered to win a nice little bundle of JoeBaggs Gear that I put together.

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