Fishing Report:

New Jersey Backwater

Author: Scotty Sevins

New Jersey Inshore Fishing Report (June 2018)

New Jersey Fluke

This past Sunday on 6/10 the New Jersey Backwater saw prime tides to get out and really do some damage on all the best the Salt Marsh has to offer.  Already running on about 3 hours of sleep the tides along with the predicted conditions were to hard not to pass up.  I set The alarm for 4am.  Ashley my girlfriend and fishing partner and I gulped down a quick cup of coffee and was out the door in a few mins.  We got to the boat and tore through the Nj backwater in the dark at 30mph for about 20 mins pushing far into our backwaters to stay away from other recreational boaters and get away from the prying eyes of other fisherman. 

 After rolling up on location. The conditions were slicked out and perfect for some topwater action.  We each grabbed our favorite topwater, hers being the whopper plopper 130 and mine the mirrolure topdog.  First cast her whopper plopper lands in the zone and gets smashed by a sizable backwater fish who ripped the hooks out after swimming into some submerged grass.  My second cast saw two knocks of the topdog before getting inhaled by a 28in striped bass.  The bite completely shit off as quick as it came after we got a few more follows and slashes a piece.  We quickly changed gears to flounder.  After finding a nice ledge the minn Kota terrova kept us on the perfect drift and it was game on.  Plucking doubles every 20ft of a 100 yard drift for the next 2 hours.  Incredible morning on the water.  I was A bit perplexed however about the lack of bass with all the right conditions.  The pm tide I was Going out and determined to dial them in.  Steady rain and 20kt winds had me all wrapped up in my stormr gear.  traveled back to my grounds from the morning.  And it was game on.  Bass were crushing doa jerk shads with wreckless abandon.  I had My pick for about a solid hour before the trolling motor battery started dying trying to work against the stiff 20kt wind.  One may never know why some conditions seem so perfect yet produce so little fish and others are on for work.  Keeping solid records and Logan helps you put the puzzle together one session a time.

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