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New Ambassador Intro Report

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Well Hello!

My name is Capt. Timothy Mackay. I run Adrenaline Rush Charters out of Jupiter Florida. Just on here as a new ambassador introducing my self as well as a fishing report. 

The weather has been pretty crappy lately but when we get a lil weather window my customers and I fully capitalize on the window. 

This week turned out beautiful so ran a charter Tuesday afternoon, went out it was lake Atlantic. Threw the wahoo high speed spread out but unfortunately didn't get a nip. Big drag pullers were definitely on the menu for this trip. So with a full well of live baits we started hitting the various wrecks in the area. The bit was a little slow but the first wreck we hit had one amberjack bite that ended up breaking my customer off in the wreck. Next pass we got a great bite and this one came out of the wreck. But this one was fighting funny. Digging hard but nothing like the reef donkeyswe were looking for. But to our delight it popped the surface and it was a nice 18 lb black grouper. High fives all around then on to the next wreck after no bites on a 3rd pass. The next wreck had a lil more going on. Marked a ton of bait and the larger targets we were after. Made a few drops caught a few nice almacos and one nice amberjack. Now with tired arms the customers wanted a lil larger target. So we went Goliath fishing. Ended up going 1/2 on them. The one that made it up went approx 200lbs. All in all very happy customers

Black Grouper Caught Wreck Fishing
Adrenaline Rush Charters

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. Its our mission to help you spend more time fishing.  We hope that we have helped you or someone you know spend more time fishing.  

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