Fishing Report:

"Nephews Birthday Fishing Trip"

Author: #TeamDorsal

  My nephew has been catching fish since he was a baby. A true Floridian who enjoys spending time on the water. For his birthday this year we took him to the beach. This time of the year we have large bull reds patrolling around the first sandbar looking for easy meals. When a large bait ball of menhaden came by we were quick to toss the net and catch some. Quickly we turned around and cast one out on our Penn spinning reels. It didn't take long for something to find it. As we sat waiting one of the poles bent in half. We knew right there we were on something big. Birthday boy time to shine had came so we handed him the rod and said "Happy birthday". He cranked with no help from anyone only guidance. As it got close I could see its red color shining. Awesome times spending with family and friends is what we fish for. This time was just like the others. We stuck around a while after catching another big bull red. Ending the night with a 6ft sandbar shark that we let my nephew reel in. He is becoming a awesome angler and it is great to see our younger generations so active in the sport that we love. This kid will be running the best charters around our area in the near future. With all his reels being spooled with bullbuster braid. So you can assure that he will catch the fish he hooks into. Tight lines. #TeamDorsal

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