Fishing Report:

My First Gar (Landed)

Author: Fish with Chris

The other day I was able to land my first gar. It was a shortnose gar. The previous year I happened to come across one as well. I put on a spinner, and casted for it. I tracked the lure right passed its nose, and it snatched it. So I brought the fish in and as I was pulling the line up by hand, it snapped. The most likely cause was my 10 lb mono getting shredded by its teeth. It fell down and right back into the water. I did not classify that as “landed”.

This time however I was ready, in some ways. Still using 10lb mono as I was bass fishing and came across a gar again. I knew to switch over to a nice shiny spoon and tracked passed the gar’s nose. The fish was slithering after like a snake in murky water. The fish whacked the lure and it was game on! It turned into a fun little fight because I had my lighter class rod. This time I wasn’t standing on a rock pile, I was water level and brought it right to the bank. We took a picture and released the creature back into its murky home. This was officially my first “landed” gar.

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