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My First Article

Author: Chris Trochesset

Biloxi MS Fishing 

Greetings anglers my name is Christopher Trochesset. First of all i have to give everything to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .Without him i would not be where i am at today. Im from Biloxi, Mississippi that's about 10 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico .

I have lived here my whole life. Im 26 years old. I started fishing I say about 6 my grandpa took me. Every since then I fell in love with it. My favorite  is fresh water I love to bass fish I hit my PR about 3 weeks ago. It weighted in at 8 pounds 3 oz. I try and go fresh water fishing about 3-4 times a.week. 

MY good to lures or plastic worms the one they seem to be hitting the best right now is the Zoom white trick work.i also use crackbaits,jigs poppers,lizards,frogs and jerkbaits. my favorite pole i use is my Lews Maco 2. I also use abu black max,penn battle,and the lews crush .I got married last October to my wife and my father and law is a charter boat captain. So I get to go on fishing boat and help him but most I get to fish for FREE!!!!!So my wife was raised up fishing so she knows a thing or two about fishing .I am so glad to be apart of this team.But most of all I get to be in the BullBuster family.  This will be the first of many articles.

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