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Mosquito Lagoon

Author: Fish Can't Hide

A Good Time Fishing In Mosquito Lagoon

nice black drum

   First trip to mosquito lagoon, started out with a bang ended with a fizzle. We headed over to the lagoon from the west coast of FL. We were looking for one thing, big redfish, we wanted bulls or nothing. One full day of fishing, Sunday the day of the Daytona 500. We got on the water before the sun came up and headed north towards Tiger Shoal. After checking a couple spots that looked fishy we got to Tiger at about 7 and there were plenty of fish, school after school running the inside of the shoal. We each pulled one out of the school as they came by but nothing over 25" and one as small as 12". It's now a little after 8 and we haven't seen a single big fish.

giant red fish

   We decided to start learning our way around and running all the areas we had from our research. Once again plenty of fish just not the big ones the lagoon is known for. We did this till about noon with a bright sun and gin clear water we learned a lot about the lagoon. About the time we were ready to go back and hit some of the spots we had checked out earlier the weather did a 180 and started blowing 20 and full cloud cover. Needless to say it made for a tough day of fishing.

huge red fish

   Oh yeah the bang. We got to the lagoon about an hour before dark on Saturday and decided to check it out for a minute before we checked into our camp. First shoal that we run around we see a dozen bulls crossing a sandy area and circle out the way they were headed. We started working a gold spoon and a soft plastic. Within 20 minutes of launching the boat we are hooked up to a 40" redfish. Only big fish of the trip. Needless to say it made horrible nights sleep with visions of what the next day would bring. At least we got our BANG!! 

Captain Jeff Schneider

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