Fishing Report:

Monster Snook Caught On 30lb Braid On 15lb Flourocarbon

Author: Dakotah Mercer

Florida Snook Fishing


This is my monster snook i caught off my local seawall where I live and this how I did it I was using a shimano rod on a penn reel series size 4000 with 30lb bullbuster braid and 15lb bullbuster mono leader use a gold rattle trap lure and see the snook come down the wall off a weed line and i decided to laydown in the grass and waited till i was right on top of him pitched it off to the right side of him and he pause and stared at it for a moment and I  twiched it once and he swung at it counted to three and i set the hook perfectly and i decide to show all the new comers to fish with a little knowledge of how to catch fish can make the difference of catch big fish and not catching big fish and I am so happy to support this company i recommend so many people to buy from us cant wait to see whats next and i really love that you guys are helping me catch fish that are changing my career of fishing and putting it on a higher standers and its the greatest feeling in the world knowing I can trust my  equipment.  Thank you bullbuster huge responsibly to take on and glad to use and sponsor our company

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