Fishing Report:

Monster Goliath Grouper And Small Bull Caught Off The Beach!

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Big Goliath Grouper From The Beach

last full moon me and my girl set out on a mission and despite there being 15-20 mph winds with gusts to 25mph i got two baits out early on in the night right as it was getting dark. we were sitting out there good, about two hours pass by and my reel starts rolling solid. i hook up and its a good fish, a second later the hook pulls. major bummer because it felt pretty good. its so ruff that i decide to leave that same rod out with the hopes it still had a piece of bait and it did as about 40 minutes later i hook into a small bull on the same bait. disappointed in the fish i lost but happy i got something.

with are other rod still out good but starting to collect alot of grass i decide what the hell i will try and get one more bait out. by that time the wind was nuts and the surf had picked up even more. i was not able to get very far and decided to drop. the bait dident even hold bottom with the weight i had been using and swept way down the beach but was still out and now holding at an angle.

not very long after dropping my line was getting grass an i decided to leave it, weird stuff was going on with my line later that was hard to explain. thinking something swam through my line and was stuck in it but couldent figure it all out.

long story short i put my harness on a few hours later to reel in and it feels really weird, i have about 80-100 pounds of grass with a 6 1/2 foot goliath on the other end witch i soon figured after i was getting pulled forward in my harness!

tight with the 100pounds of grass and big fish!

the beast!

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