Fishing Report:

Miami Yellowtail Snapper

Author: Austin Porter

Fishing For Yellowtail Snapper In Miami (August 2019)

August 9 ,

Half day trip to the reef out of Coconut Grove. The clients wanted just to have some action, so I took them just South of Fowey to 60 feet of water. Once the chum started to flow, and oats sank down next thing you know the yellowtail were balled up on the surface. Ive learned to keep the yellowtail around to keep catching you can only really fish 2 rods at a time for them. 

Once I got the yellowtails to feed, I hide the bait in oat balls and their is history. We managed to get 13 keepers, missed tons of bites. They also caught yellowjacks, blue runners, and barracudas. 


I use 20lb braid to a 20lb regular leader about 3 feet long. To me I see no difference in the yellowtail eating 20lb fluoro compared to the regular 20lb leader. I use a light Gettin' Jiggy yellowtail jig and once I can get them near the chum bag I go to a 2/0 circle hook.

Remember when yellowtailing to brine your tails right when you catch them. That will make them easier to cut plus the meat won't be soft. Also without oats mixed with chum, these fish are very hard to get to rise in the water column to catch. 

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