Fishing Report:

Miami Wreck Fishing

Author: Austin Porter

Fishing Wrecks in Miami.

Sunday March 19

We headed offshore to go sailfish, as soon as we got out their we noticed there was no current at all so game plan changed to hit the wrecks. 

Rigged up a big rod with about 15 feet of Bullbuster 80lb leader with a 6/0 hook. Our bait was sardines or ballyhoo. We got to the wreck and dropped the baits, we had few hits than finally a good strike. I am hooked up with a fish that fought almost the entire way up to the surface.

African Pompano

I had a little African Pompano. So we drifted back over the wreck a few more times than a big strike.

African Pompano

A 22lber! A slow day ended up with two africans! I dropped more baits than finally got something to eat, felt like a mutton the whole time ended up being my first of its kind.

Scamp Grouper

A Scamp Grouper! Never caught one before until now. 

Used 80lb Bullbuster regular leader the whole day for the wrecks. 

No amberjacks at all, many boats at each wreck which could have pushed them off for a while. 

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shark feeding on yellowtail

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