Fishing Report:

Miami (Whale Shark)

Author: Austin Porter

Whale Shark We Spotted In Miami While Fishing


November 27, headed to the reef in Miami to catch bait and than to go drift offshore. In the morning we turned south and headed to Long Reef, once we got their we anchored up and chummed hard for yellowtails, mackerel, and ballyhoo. Quick to the point the yellowtail and mackerel were loaded their except they wouldn't eat that day. As we were still trying we look at the transom and a whale shark is slowly swimming. Quickly throwing the orange ball out we idled towards him to see if any cobia were around. No cobia to speak of but the whale shark turned around and headed straight towards the boat. The whale shark kept pushing the motors with his head (Have no clue why). 

Whale Shark Off Of Miami
Whale Shark Miami
Florida Whale Shark

Once the whale shark slowly left us, we heard offshore were we drifted and caught muttons and kingfish. I used Bullbuster leader and bluster 12b and 20lb mono. 

Offshore Fishing Mixed Bag


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