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Miami Summer Fishing

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Summer Fishing in the South Florida!

"Summer is a great time for south florida charter fishing! The kids are out of school and the weather is usually calm! This is the time when we venture offshore to the gulf stream. "

The dolphin fish or mahi mahi is one of the most sought after fish during summer and with good reason! Mahi mahi are beautiful, acrobatic, excellent eating fish that are sure to put a smile on any anglers face no matter how young or old. 

Sometimes only one or two large fish will crash the party and give a fight that you won't soon forget! A big bull dolphin will race away jumping all over the surface only to go down deep into the depths after its initial run. Lifting one of these big, powerful fish back to the surface can be quite a challenge in its own right! None the less once you finally have managed to get a big mahi mahi in the boat the satisfaction will be well worth the effort! 

Summer Fishing In Miami
One of the greatest things about the L&H is that we are a family venture. My wife Debby and I have been taking our kids James & Laurel fishing for years, and they have become a crucial part of our charter operation. We fish as a team and that is why our charter consistently out-fishes the fleet.

"Its not all that uncommon to find a big school of mahi and catch your limit (10 per person) right there"

On the other hand, we often encounter large schools of dolphin. Normally these fish are smaller than the larger fish encountered individually or in small groups. The good thing about these schools of mahi is the fact that there is often thirty, forty, fifty or more fish. They become very competitive in these groups making it easier to catch them!

 It is not at all uncommon to find a big school of mahi and catch your limit (10 fish per person) right there! Once a big school of fish is located, everyone must work together! As long as one fish of the school remains in the water, the other fish will stay around.

June Mahi Fishing
It isn't uncommon for us to find several big schools of schoolie dolphin on any given summer day. They can be found under diving birds or floating debri.

Now is the time to have fun with the mahi mahi! They will readily take flies, artificial lures or just about anything you put in front of them. We use light tackle to catch these fish and it is a ball! 

Check out the video below to see Blacktiph  and the Bullbuster crew catching tons of Mahi on the L&H last summer!

Tuna are hit or miss during this time of year. There are still some of the bigger blackfins around from the spring run and they will sometimes jump completely out of the water to attack a live bait dangled from the kite in early morning or late afternoon. Smaller blackfin tuna can be caught while fishing for dolphin, normally while trolling. Occasionally large schools of blackfin and skipjacks can be found far offshore and we have had some great summer time catches.


Like the tunas, sailfish are hit or miss during the summer months. Some sails will be caught close to the reef edge and others will be found offshore. We catch sailfish, twelve months out of the year so don’t be surprised if you find one on the end of your line on any given day. 

Summer Sailfish

Marlin Fishing In Miami

More marlin are caught in the offshore waters of south Florida during the summer than any other season. The largest of the billfish, marlin will aggressively attack a trolled bait or lure in the deep blue waters of the gulf stream. There has been numerous times when a school of dolphin was assaulted from below by an angry marlin. The L&H always keeps a big rod for marlin, rigged and ready, so rest assured, if the opportunity presents itself, we will be prepared.

Marlin Caught On The L&H In Miami

Fishing For Swordfish In Miami

Swordfish are also targeted with good results during flat calm days and nights. Calm winds and seas makes the trip out to the sword grounds a snap. When conditions are right, it is not uncommon for us to make a daytime sword drop after we have caught our limit of dolphin! Night time sword fishing can be very enjoyable this time of year when the weather is right. Everyone is relaxing on the boat, enjoying the surroundings, while waiting for a monster to engulf the bait. 

Fishing For Wahoo In Miami

The kingfish run during the summer can be spectacular! School sized fish are often mixed with much larger ‘smokers’ and both will readily take a live bait. Trolling can be effective for kings, but ravenous bonitas often beat the kingfish in a race for the bait.  Mixed in with kings  and bonitas you may find some wahoo. Since this time of year larger wahoo can be found feeding on small bonitas and flying fish although you may have better luck live baiting them. 

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Further offshore, school size wahoo will gather around floating debris. These fish although smaller, will readily attack artificial lures and can be very fun to catch mixed in with dolphin.  Many people call these school sized  wahoo. "Weehoos".

One of the best things about summer fishing is the night bite for mangrove and yellowtail snapper. The boat is positioned along the edge of the reef and chum is deployed to attract the fish close to the boat. Once the fish are concentrated in the chum line, they can be tricked into biting small whole fish as well as cut bait. These tasty fish make up for what they lack in size, in shear tenacity. They are strong, scrappy fish that are sure to please everyone at the dinner table. No matter what fish you are after, big or small, for sport or for dinner, one will not be disappointed with the super summer fishing on Miami’s Best Charter Boat the L&H!!!!!!

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