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Miami Shrimp Run Snapper

Author: Bullbuster Team

Catch Miami Snapper While The Shrimp Are Running

When you see a full moon and a cold snap on its way, get ready for the shrimp to be running.  Its not uncommon see dozens of shrimp at a time floating on the surface and heading offshore on a Miami winter outgoing tide.  Many people associate this time of the year with great snook and tarpon action, but if you are looking to grab something for table fare, the snapper can be voracious as well. 

Night Fishing For Miami Winter Snapper

Free Line A Shrimp Towards A Bridge With Good Tidal Flow

This time of the year snapper will actually come up to the surface to check out a juicy looking shrimp. This method is bound to get you a number of snapper mixed in with ladyfish, jacks, snook, and tarpon. This time of the year both mangroves and muttons move inshore to get in on the shrimp action. 

Fish A Shrimp With A Weight Near Inlet Rocks

If you are fishing in major inlets such as Haulover and Government cut, there are plenty of big mangrove snapper. Picking away at the passing shrimp.  Try fishing a shrimp on a five foot leader and attaching an egg weight with a rubber brand at the top of the leader.  This method also works well for tarpon and snook, so make sure you are fishing a stout rod. 

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Fish Shallow Water Reefs Outside Of Major Inlets

This time of the year Capt. Ryan from the Reward fishing fleet takes regulars 6 nights a week to catch snapper at night.  When the shrimp are running hard, he often needs to switch it up and move in to slightly shallower reefs than he usually fishes.  This time of the year Cpt. Ryan is putting his clients on nice mangroves, flag yellowtails, muttons and lane snapper at night.  On some of his deeper spots anglers are picking at vermillion snapper as well. 

cutting bait on the reward

Fishing For Winter Snapper During The Day In Miami

Troll Deep On Shallow Reefs

This time of the year big muttons and grouper tend to come closer in shore. While grouper season is currently closed you can get your fair share of muttons by trolling baits with trolling weights, planars, or using deep water plugs.   #BullbusterAmbassador L&H SportfishingL&H Sportfishing had an excellent day doing just that this weekend. Check out the pics below. 

Nice Miami Mutton Snappers

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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