Fishing Report:

Miami Sailfish

Author: Austin Porter

Searching for Sailfish on a cool Miami Day.

Saturday January 28,

The cooler morning with a North wind off Miami, you think would provide you with plenty of sailfish throughout the day. We caught plenty of live bait, than we headed off to the reefs edge. Set up the kite off the South side and free-lined two baits on the North side of the boat. Within 10 minutes a sailfish popped up and ate one of the free-lined baits, before we could even get tight, it gave us a show spitting the bait. 

King fish bite offs, and mutton snapper outside of legal range.

We set our rod back out, than drifted for few more hours getting king bite offs but no more sails. I always set up a bottom rod, we must have gotten 8 muttons but only one being legal. 

Almost time to pack it in, last second bite provides a sailfish.

About 4pm rolled around, than we said a few more minutes. Not long after, one of the flats goes off, about 15 seconds later it showed itself being a sailfish. After a 45 minute fight we finally got the fish to the boat. He was released quickly! He was caught on 20lb Bullbuster mono with 60lb Bullbuster regular leader!

Sailfish caught on miami

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