Fishing Report:

Miami Reef Fishing March 15

Author: Austin Porter

Snapper Frenzy 

Hello all,

March 15: Went out of Miami at about 5pm and got to the reef about 6pm. The current was absolutely ripping for the first time in many months. With the current ripping I had to re anchor a few times as I thought the wind would compensate. However once I finally got it perfect in 65-70 feet I started the chum. Put a commercial block in and started dumping oats with melted chum. After about 30 minutes, dropped back to quickly realize the tails were very close. Two people aboard and almost every drop one of us would get a tail or double tails. 

For Miami yellowtails right off Fowey Lights these were some of the biggest tails Ive caught in that shallow of water and that quick. At 7:30pm we had our 20 yellowtails and were pulling the anchor to come back home. 

Gear Used

- Bullbuster 12lb mono

- Bullbuster 30lb regular leader

- 3/32oz Gettin' Jiggy Yellowtail Jigs

Chum sludge: I melt a block of a 7lb chum before I go yellowtail fishing, once that is melted I add oats to the mix. Once I get those thoroughly mixed I add extra menhaden oil so I can get a large chum slick in my area (Seems to help a lot for Miami).

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