Fishing Report:

Miami Dolphin Fishing

Author: Austin Porter

June 27 Dolphin 

Hello all, this report is back from June 27 when we went out for a half day in search of some dolphin. 

We left early in the morning and headed straight offshore. As soon as we got about 9 miles out, weed patches littered the water everywhere. Casting jigs around all the patches we can quickly realize if the dolphin are there or not. While we cast for the dolphin the almaco jacks that are there will eat the jigs, we will catch a half dozen of those or so and throw them in the live well just incase a nice dolphin appears. 


When dolphin fishing I will always run and gun unless its a tournament and your looking for that 1 quality fish. I will use jigs 99% of the time for the schoolie dolphin and if a big one over 10lbs appears I'll throw a live bait with a 9/0 hook. So when we leave the dock in the morning we always head straight offshore and try to find something floating or the weed patches. The almaco jack or little blue runners will be under the weed patches to catch and if they are not, most likely the dolphin are not around that patch. 


When I throw jigs I am using 20lb braid line with a 60lb leader. When I throw live bait, I am using 20lb mono with a 60lb leader. 

The catch

On June 27 we hit a few patches realizing we can hit our limit of 30 fish quickly as we did so. By 11 am it look like someone dumped blood all over the boat but we had our 3 man limit in the boat. 

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