Fishing Report:

Miami Dolphin

Author: Austin Porter

Miami Dolphin Fishing August 2019

August 25,

Finally starting to get a strong push of Dolphin now late into the season.. Went out for a half day to go look for dolphin.. the ocean was a little rougher than expected being Northwest about 15 which made is hard run fast. Once we got out to about the 55 line we found some giant weed mats.. Once we drove up to them, we throw 1 live bait and everyone else throws jigs to see if any dolphin come on up. If a weed mat has almaco jacks and little blue runners I wait around for about 5 min and catch those to see if any dolphin come up to the noise. This day we bounced from patch to patch with only seeing bait, we finally found a patch on the 48 line that had a few dolphin that we caught. 

One of the patches we went too was absolutely loaded with bigger almaco jacks so we stroke those very quick with jigs. Almaco jack is a very underrated tasting fish.. It is good as sashimi, fried, or oven cooked. Those 2 lb jacks make it worth while as well. 

Tackle Used To Catch Mahi

For the live bait spinners I use 20lb mono to 60lb leader with an 8/0 Mustad 9174 hook while the jig rods I use 20lb braid to 60lb mono leader with an 1/2oz Gettin' Jiggy jig. 

When I talk about the the 55 line or 48 line, its the number on the bottom row in the middle of the numbers on the second line of the gps coordinates. 

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