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Meat Mayhem Open Palm Beach / SKA Tournament

Author: Mike Milewski

2019 SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Tournament In West Palm Beach

SKA Tournament West Palm Beach
Our boat in the water waiting for the start of the tournament.

The long-awaited SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) season for Division 10 is now in the books. We have worked extremely hard in the off season and especially the last few weeks prior to the start of the season to get ready.

The Saturday prior to the Meat Mayhem Open (Palm Beach) we found a stud smoker off Boynton Beach in less than ideal conditions. We were feeling confident on tournament day and figured we would find another decent fish. The plan the night before was to get an early start and make our way north, however after clearing the inlet we noticed a few storms in that direction. We altered our plans at the last minute and decided to fish just north of the Boynton inlet on our first drift.

SKA Tournament West Palm Beach

The conditions were the opposite of the previous weekend. We were greeted with very little wind and flat calm conditions. We filled up a helium balloon, sent out the kite and got the spread out. Our spread consisted of 2 kite baits and two baits off the down-riggers a Gog & a Ribbon Fish.

We did not get a single bite on our first drift! We decided it was time to make a move. We started working our way up to palm beach hitting several spots along the way. We fished spots off lake worth pier, the flat tops, Mara Lago, the breakers and dodge wall. However, we only managed to find smaller kings and a school of AJ’s.

SKA Tournament West Palm Beach

In the end we all worked hard and did get some SKA points on the board. It was good enough for a 2nd place finish in our SKA Single Engine Class.

We are looking forward to the next SKA tournament coming up on April 27!!

SKA Tournament West Palm Beach

Thanks as always to bullbuster for all your support and producing the best products to help land our fish!! 

SKA Tournament West Palm Beach
SKA Tournament West Palm Beach

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