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Mardi Gra's Mako

Author: #TeamDorsal

Fishing For Landbased Mako Sharks

Mako Shark From Land

We Skipped The Beads For Something Better

While beads and boats paraded through on Saturday during the Mardi Gras celebrations, some folks were catching something much bigger than beads. ---- #TeamDorsal woke up around 6 a.m. that day loaded up everything and headed to the beach. The Everol 18/0 was the first rigged up. Bait of choice, a slot sized black drum caught just a few nights before while fishing with a old friend. --- Our bullbuster 600lb mono leader was fresh and new, attached to 900lb braided steel and a 20/0 circle hook (Learn how to make big game shark rigs).

As we go to run out baits the gulf started churning pushing up white capped waves. We managed to get the Everol 18/0 out, but before we could get anymore baits out the weather turned for the worse. We decided to not run out anymore that day. Packed everything up so when we called it quits we could leave easily. The noise of the huge Mardi Gra's Parade behind us. 30k+ people screaming for beads, revved up engines, bands playing songs. 

Suddenly over all that noise, the sound we been waiting for emerges. The sound of a reel getting line taken off very slowly. We all looked at each other and immediately thought "gotta be a tiger shark" ---- Waited about 10 seconds & then with a easy smooth motion went from 2lbs drag to 70lbs drag, that's when everything went crazy!!!!! The Everol started screaming! Line being ripped off faster then ever before! The rod tip jumping and thrashing around violently! Then.......... Looking out into the water you see the shark jump upwards of 8ft+ in the air. Twisting up in the leader we knew what it was. The skies stopped & the noise of the parade slowly getting lower as the time passed. -- Dead weight, tail wrapped. We knew all that was between us and this shark was that bullbuster 600lb mono leader. I wasn't worried but I knew we was gonna be here a while. Inch by inch we reeled in finally landing it 3 hours later................... A beautiful 9ft shortfin mako. 

⚠️ Disclaimer: "Do not try or attempt to do anything seen in the following video -- shark fishing is a dangerous sport which requires special permits and training to properly handle them. Viewer discretion is advised." âš ï¸ (See Florida Shark Fishing Rules & Regs)

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