Fishing Report:

March Fishing Report

Author: Caleb Amon

Crazy Mouth With Crazy Hits! 

March signals the first days of Spring. This March started off extremely hectic here in the Central East Region of Florida, but I was lucky enough to fish a good amount of days. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much luck on the sharks as I would have wanted, only landing about four -- all Blacktips. We fished with big baits for over 30 hours of soak time with only one big strike on half a Blacktip. That’s the reality when you are fishing for monsters in my area. You can often log 100s of hours before even getting a single bite on massive baits

I am determined to keep at it; the big strikes will come soon enough. If you want to see some footage of me surf-fishing, check out my YouTube channel for some amateur content and the latest in surf-fishing for my area.  The inshore fishing, aside from the sharks, is absolutely going insane in my region of Florida. If you have not been out fishing, you need to get out there! Everything from Black Drum to 100+ pound Tarpon are running the beaches anywhere from the Sebastian Inlet to The Cape.

I fish land based the majority of the time, but if you do have a boat the Cobia fishing has been decent as well. I’ve mostly been fishing for baits, catching good-sized Blue fish, Jacks, and Ladyfish, to use for bigger shark with the upcoming run of sharks about to start (April to late June). My go to setup is a free-lined Mullet with a small 3/0 hook. I was recently fishing with Bullbuster’s new 20 lb. fluorocarbon line that they recently sent in a recent order of 200 lb. mono I had ordered. I was fishing for Bluefish and Jacks off the rocks when a big Snook grabbed my Mullet and took off. I was amazed that the 20 lb. fluorocarbon could hold up to an over 40” inch Snook. Usually I use heavy leader up to 80 lb. but since I was just Blue fishing I didn’t see the need.  Bullbuster has once again delivered another big fish because of their superior line. As always, I am grateful to be an ambassador for Bullbuster and have them to thank for some of my biggest catches. I look forward to spending more time fishing this month and excited for the action to pick up.

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