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Manatee Island Ladies Fishing Tournament

Author: Mike Milewski

The 2019 Manatee Island Ladies Fishing Tournament

Ladies Anglers on Team Reel Dreams were extremely excited to fish the Manatee Island Ladies Fishing Tournament out of Stuart, FL this past weekend. This was their first of two ladies tournaments on our schedule this season. This tournament had a plethora of fish included in the target species. Eligible fish were Kingfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Sailfish, Snapper and Bonita.

Our plan was to bend the rods and get a few kings in the box then transition to finding some sailfish which are always a blast to catch and release. We knew weather was going to play a factor with a number of thunderstorms moving in during the day. We made the run to our first spot.

We set up and got first bait out at 7:00am for lines in, but our first drift only led to a shark. We ran back and set up a second drift knowing a storm cell was approaching quickly. But the risk was worth the reward. Within five minutes we got the bite that turned out to be our largest Kingfish of the day.  This King put up a great fight for Team Angler Ramia ! She was dialed in and fighting this fish hard, all while it was pouring rain!! I stuck him with the gaff and we were on to the next!

For the remaining of the morning it was bite after bite and lady anglers Cindy Milewski, Susan and Ramia were busy fighting kings! They were doubled up at one point as well!! The morning King bite started to slow down and we made a move further north and tried to find a sail for the release division. 

As the line was going out on our first drift, the line starts screaming and our sailfish is Tail walking!!!! Ramia grabs the reel and the fight is on! We quickly spun our Regulator to chase down this sail. Not only was this a beautiful hard fighting fish, but was also Ramia’s first Atlantic Sailfish!

We are always creating wonderful memories 

The day was wrapped up with 6 kings in the box and 1 sailfish release for the tournament! We proceeded to weigh in and took the lead with our largest king. However were bumped out of the lead a few boats latter. Never the less all the ladies were thrilled to get out, bend some rods, create memories and par take in the weigh in!

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