Fishing Report:

Mahi-mahi Tournament

Author: tobias castillo

Miami Mahi Fishing

The Columbus Mahi-Mahi Fishing Tournament. I fished it with a friend of mine on a 36 foot yellowfin. We started the day buying live bait on the water. And got around 200 pilchards for live chumming. We went out of Government Cut in Miami Beach. The weather was really good with 2-4 foot swells and not to much wind. It was a good day catching 13 Mahi-Mahi’s.

We caught all of them using Pilchards by live chumming, but first we found the birds. Getting out  in front of them and as fast as possible getting our lines in the water and drifting waiting for the bite. My friend hooked up first and there were mahi everywhere. We chummed to keep them around and got like seven in the boat. After the bite stopped we had all caught a good amount. We started trolling and looking for more birds. After one hour I saw a log floating and birds on top so we picked up the trolling rods and went as fast as possible to get there. Another small school of Mahi and we got like 4 in the boat before the bite stop. I decided to drop a jig down deep to see what will happen and I hooked up. It was a nice little mahi and all of a sudden they all showed up with it. My friends dad had thrown a nice big pilchard down dead and he hook up. It was a nice big 20 pound bull which got us third place in the tournament, so congrats to him.

We finished the day off filling the Mahi caught using Bubbablades so thanks to them. It was an awesome day, and a great dinner, would love to do it again.

If you want to see more good fishing pictures go to my Instagram:tobiascastillo101 

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