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Mahi Mahi Action Is Hot

Author: Albert Acosta

Mahi Mahi
Hot Mahi Action

Good friend Jorge gave me a call and asked if I had plans for Saturday. I said what do you have in mind...he said Mahi Mahi....some of my favorite words! And of course I said I’m in! Summertime in Florida means great Mahi Mahi action. The fish move into the Florida waters along with the weed lines and the fishing can be great! Mahi are not only great acrobatic fighters but they are delicious to eat. I love these fish and their electric aqua, blue, green colors are truly a sight to see. 

Once you have fished for mahi you will be hooked

they are an awesome game fish to go after. Jorge and his brother have homes in the Keys and have access to some of the most beautiful waters and fishing grounds in is truly marvelous. Jorge and his brother Josh had the boat ready... a beautiful Bluewater they named the Mellow Yellow. All the rods, reels, bait and gear was loaded and ready for action. The Mellow Yellow was loaded with an arsenal of Mahi catching weapons. Jorge and Josh have Shimano TLD’s loaded with Bullbuster 30lb mono which is perfect for trolling for Mahi and tuna. We all boarded the boat...myself, Jorge, Josh his son and  good friend Ismael. They fired up the engines and we were off in search of mahi. The weather was beautiful...sun was just starting to rise over the calm warm Florida Keys water and the wind was light. The water was a gorgeous aqua color as we headed out and you just knew the mahi were going to be out there.

Mahi Sunrise!
Bullbuster Ready for Action

We headed out several miles looking for birds, debris, weed lines or anything that would give us indication that mahi were around. Jorge and Josh have a gift finding these takes a keen eye and knowledge of the water currents and bird behavior to consistently find mahi and tuna. Jorge and Josh found some birds and weed lines and it was not long before we were on some mahi action. We found a nice weed line and Jorge rigged some fresh ballyhoo and tossed the baits into the aqua waters and we trolled near the weed lines...BOOM we were on to some nice mahi! I took the first hit and brought in the mahi close to the boat and Jorge gaffed the was a beauty! We were on the scoreboard and there were more mahi in the water. Usually once you bring in a nice mahi the others will follow in and this happened several times and we made the best of it landing several mahi. 

Nice mahi
Mahi Mahi

We kept working the weed line and more mahi kept hitting the ballyhoo, jigs and dead cut baitthat we had ready for them. It’s always good to have several different types of jigs, and bait ready to go. Jorge likes to have a heavy spinner with a whole ballyhoo ready to toss behind the schoolies looking for a big bull mahi. Everyone was catching fish and the fish box was getting filled up with beautiful mahi. We worked the area chasing birds and jumping fish and caught a nice load of mahi before we ventured out further in search of tuna. We reached the new location and found birds diving into the water with some tuna breaking the surface. We changed lures and we were ready for the tuna bite. After circling the tuna for several minutes we finally got close to the tuna and birds and we were on! We landed the first fish was a blackifin tuna and into the fish box he went. We kept working the area and landed a few more tuna and we were happy with our catch for the day and started to work our way home occasionally stopping to work some areas where birds were diving and landed a few more mahi before the day was over. We had a great day and we had a lot of fish in the fish box and some fish cleaning to do. If you get a chance get out there and do some mahi fishing and Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines at Look for my next article on my favorite ways to cook mahi mahi. How to Cook Mahi

Great Mahi Day
Mahi Mahi and Tuna

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