Fishing Report:

Mahi Madness

Author: Austin Porter

June Mahi Fishing Miami

June 16, 2017

Catching Bait For Mahi Fishing

Hit Stiltsville up for bait, just got about 12 Threadfins to have a few live baits.

Threadfin Herring

Heading Offshore To Catch Mahi

Got off to a late start and didn't get offshore to about 9am, once we got out their we found a few birds about 1200 feet of water. As soon as we drove up, the mahi surrounded us. Two people on the boat threw jigs while other two people cut thread fins up and used cut bait. I noticed right away they weren't that aggressive so instead of trying to catch them, I put on a large thread fin and held it in the water. Once I did that every dolphin around chased it and we caught about 15 fish. 

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We started to head south again, about a mile from the first school we found more birds. As soon as someone threw a jig we were hooked to a school and noticed a larger fish amongst them. Hooked a live bait and threw it to the larger fish, as soon as he ate it he just went nuts and wouldn't stay in the water. After about 2 min he spit the hook and dove straight down and the schoolies all followed him.

We continued South, literally another mile found a school of dolphin again and these wanted to eat. We stayed their for about 2 hours until we reached our limit of 40 fish with 4 anglers. This whole day took about 4 hours to catch them. We probably released another 25-30 fish as well.

All the fish ranged from 22-25 inches and we caught one about 10 lbs the biggest of the day.

I used Bullbuster Mono 12lb for throwing the jigs and 20lb mono when I was using the cut bait. I used 60lb leader for both set ups so when they would scrap it up, was still plenty strong for the size fish we were catching instead of changing it constantly.


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