Fishing Report:

Mahi Bro's Trip Running And Gunning

Author: Brent Edwards

Mahi trip with Bro's. Running and Gunning

We set out the day before to catch bait. The three of us. We loaded up with about 12 dozens baits. All from the buoys hard tails, pin fish, cigar minnows, herring and speedos were plentiful. We anchored our bait pen down and went back to dock to prep the boat for the offshore blue water trip. Been getting my RipCharts reports together from the past week and made a good game plan. I always try and let the water talk to me and try not to get all hung up on a certain game plan. Because most times I've stuck to a game plan we always passed the best water up to maybe chase after something that might not even be around. So we set out at 6 am and started seeing weed lines at 4 up to 60 miles offshore. What an amazing day on the water we had. Started to target mahi at 7am in the morning 1 hour into our trip we found a nice patch of sea weed. Tossed out a flat jig and some top water action lures. Started to see a few small ones follow the lures back to the boat. We decided to toss out a live bait each. Was that the right choice? I'd have to say yes because we both hooked up almost at the same time. My buddy and I caught our personal best at that time in the day. We fought the mahi for about 5 mins and bought the first one in the boat. The second one we gaffed after that I said boys let's find some more. We set out our high speed lures and dragged them about 25 miles. Along the RipCharts heading I had programmed in my GPS. Nothing but weeds on our high speed lures so I told the guys bring in the lines and let's put a speard out. Were about to be around the Alaska. We ran across a wreck about 52 miles out the pass and got a couple strikes but no knockdowns. So I decided to check a couple bottom numbers for some groupers. Like normal I fire down a jig and on first drop I hook up to a scamp grouper about 24 inches. Few of my other friends dropped down and caught a few so we moved on. Checked a few more spots and grabbed a few more scamp before running across our last patch of sea weed heading in. We seen some movement on the surface so before checking them with lures we just fired some live baits. It was amazing what happen next my buddy in the tower up top seen it all. The Mahi just darted out from under the patches and drilled our baits. It was on from there. We both double hooked up again and they crossed each other and it was a crazy time fighting two 14lb Mahi around the boat. We both successfully gaff our two best mahi of our lives and broke our best Mahi records in the same day. So we started to heading back in and ran across another nice patch and let our friend try it out this time. He been saying earlier that day that he never caught a triple tail before. We seen a lot of triple tails swimming around and I told him let that fish eat your bait. He did and then I told him as he turns his head then close the bail. My buddy caught his first triple of his life that day also. Man at this moment in life this was by far my best day running and gunning for Mahi.

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