Fishing Report:

Mack Attack

Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Fishing For Kingfish Out Of Stuart Inlet

Went out to pecks lake out of Stuart inlet wed morning. Seen the fleet of boats way to the south but we got lucky. Just out of the mouth I marked a pile of fish. So decided to check it out. Was a great decision, the spaniards started chewing and skiing on anything we threw in the water. Every cast resulted in drag screaming action on light spinners. It was non stop for about and hr and the school finally left us. Fired up the motor made a quick move and marked the fish again near to the original spot. Mayhem ensued again as fast as i took the fish off the customers hooked up again. We kept a few for their dinner. But released idk how many. Too many to count. 

Once again happy customers who wanted nonstop action for the kids. 

Adrenaline rush charters


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