Fishing Report:

Lure Selection For Spruce Creek Backwaters

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

Choosing Your Lures For Fishing In Spruce Creek

The spruce creek river system is a unique ecosystem. There are many points in the river where freshwater runs into it creating a brackish ecosystem. The primary species that are found in the spruce creek water way are tarpon, snook, redfish, trout and ladyfish as well as the occasional bull shark.

The key features of this river are vast oyster beds and shallows. It is not very deep throughout the entire river but it is filled with oyster beds which create a lot of strong currents and rips.

During the high tide the fish like to hang out on top of the oyster beds ambushing mullet, shrimp and crabs that like to gather around. During the low tide the fish like to congregate around structure near the oyster beds except in deeper water and they will readily ambush anything that swims their way.

My top 5 lures I like to use and that will produce fish every single day are

1. Heddon Super Spook

Hedon Super Spook Snook Lure

The Heddon Super Spook is my favorite lure to throw. I always have one rigged up on my rod no matter what. I like to throw them in the morning or evening right along the oyster bed drop offs or work them close to shore.

2. DOA CAL Shad


The DOA CAL is a great lure that I like to use for a majority of different fishing situations. My favorite way to rig them are on 1/4 jig heads. I find that this is the most versatile way to fish these lures.I like to bounce these lures along the bottom and i like to hop and skip them around mangrove shorelines.

3. Mirrolure Mirrodine

Mirror Lure Mirrordine

The mirrordine is a super effective bait, its flashing and darting action in the water make it a fish slaying machine. I like to fish these around the edge of oyster beds and out in the deeper cuts of the river.

4.DOA Baitbuster

DOA Baitbuster

The Baitbuster is a lure I have just started using primarily for tarpon. I don't know what it is about those lures but the tarpon just love them. I cast a few feet in front of the rolling fish and just let the bait sink, then I give it a few twitches and fish on.

5. Kietech Fat Impact Swing Swimbaits.

Kietech Fat Swimbait

The Kietech is a newer swimbait out on the market. Many of the bass anglers use them as their primary swimbait. But I find that they work great in saltwater as well. They come in sizes ranging from 3.8 inches all the way up to 7.8 inches. The action of this lure is amazing and the fish go crazy for it. I fish this lure the exact same way I fish the DOA CAL.

My Snook Setup For Fishing Spruce Creek

The equipment I use to fish these lures are a Star Rods Seagis 7'6 8-17lb paired with a Shimano Stradic CI4+ spooled with 20lb bullbuster braid. The leader of choice is 40lb bullbuster flourocarbon. As it can handle the abrasive mouths of snook if i hook into one.

Good Luck and Tightlines

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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