Fishing Report:

Looking Ahead - What Is Yet To Come

Author: Evan Soudijn

Winter Fishing In Bradenton Florida

As many anglers already know, that  the winter time fishing can be quite hard to come by, it is best to be patient and try to pick the days with the optimal tides for your desired fishing spots. In my personal experience, fishing this time of year has been a challenge with the constant cold fronts and high winds. To look on the bright side, I have always had better results sticking to docks and deeper grass flats for chasing the inshore slam off the waters of Bradenton, Florida.

Fishing Along Docks Works Well This Time Of Year In Bradenton

As of this week, I have seen several snook and redfish while checking some of my go to docks. For fishing the docks this time of year using live or artificial shrimp remains an optimal bait choice for this time of year. During this time of year the water clarity gets clearer and it is necessary to bump down the size of your leader. I like to use 30 pound test Bullbuster Fluorocarbon leader. This has increased the amounts of bites while the fishing is slower.

"fish deeper grass flats in the 4-6 foot depth range"

Given these points, the ticket for your inshore success will be to look for the best tides for your spots and continue to use shrimp like baits.Looking into this coming February it will be vital to fish deeper grass flats in the 4-6 foot depth range and heavy structured dock while targeting snook, trout and redfish.

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