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Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

The Maryland bite was on this past weekend. Fresh water reservoirs produced. Bullbuster brand fluorocarbon is a vital tool in our fish catching arsenal when targeting pressured fish in clear waters such as Loch Raven Reservoir. Where visibility can be greater then 10ft presentation is important. The teammates were not prepared for the chilly fall air that had crept in overnight. Their skin still sunkissed from the beach weekend before. Clenching our shirts close, we shivered down the overgrown path to the first fishing spot.  

The sun was quickly rising. We watched bait fish flicking across the surface, with an occasional blow up from ambushing bass. We worked our crankbaits through key structures, pilling's, ripraps, laydowns, etc. Water levels at the reservoir were now high and fish hugged the shoreline.

The bite was slow throughout the morning but teammate Elli managed to stick a decent 3lb largemouth bass. Overall it was a productive day, hooking pickerel, and more bass. 

From the reservoir we headed straight to the next fishing spot. We drudged our way through overgrown, and flooded ground, to target an entirely different species. We used uncle josh's bait as we casted for carp. I enjoy targeting this species due to their size and weight. Common carp can reach weights of 80lbs plus. An extremely hardy fish and fun to catch on light tackle. We sat losing shade as the sun fully exposed itself, planning the next fishing adventure. We chummed the water with left overs from our lunch. With constant sightings of jumping carp. They slowly made their way over, now jumping in front of us.

However time ticked by without any hits. Finally the fight we had been searching for all day showed up seconds away from calling it. The rod bent over. In that moment all previous sufferance of the day disappeared. The grueling hike, the beating sun burning our skin, the biting bugs, the disappointing feeling of a catch less day, thoughts of the miserable walk back, all disappearing in that instant. The five minute fight, all we had been searching for. It was a great fish, fighting smooth, running from side to side. Teammate Britni got him in and netted. He was beautiful, slimy and 20lbs plus.

Any time spent fishing is time well spent. No matter the size or species of fish, if it's a 12ft tiger shark or a 3lbs bass, it's all to be appreciated. Fish for the experience, for the fight. It's the time and effort, the blood sweet and tears. The exhausting hours in search of the next bite. The millions of casts, the thousands of snags. Fishing is meant to be enjoyed. Fishing is a passion that many anglers share. It is important to appreciate all catches, to respect all fish, and to just spend more time fishing. 

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