Fishing Report:

Lemon Sharks

Author: Team Reel Deal

Land-Based Shark Fishing: Lemons & Hammers

 Lemon Shark

Headed to the beach before sun up. Planning on a good day of sharking.. started off rough like four to five foot seas but me an Des got baits out. As soon Des got in we were hooked up on a tip.. that threw hook in the surf.  Re dropped his bait sat there in a hard south current for about 4 hours till we had are first decent hit. On the avet 80. Which I was thinking as soon as I put steal to it's face it was a lemon which it was caught, photoed, and released. Not even an hour later we picked up another run. On the tiagria 80 I hooked it an passed the rod to travor who has not caught anything over 6 ft. I knew it was another lemon but the pick up.. got him in the harness and let him fight it. Took another bait out and right before sun down we hooked up again on the Penn 12/0 instantly knew it was a bigger more powerful fish. Des got harnessed up well I kept the line tight an fought it for a few moments after a 20 or so minute fight we had a nice hammer on the  beach. That was a pretty impressive day. If you wanna use some great line use are code for 10% off   *cjone* stay tight my friend's.. let the shark gods be ever on your side.

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