Fishing Report:

Lemon Shark And A Bull Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Sharks At Night

Jonathan, JD Hammer and I went out to hit a beach on this night. We kayaked 4 baits out and then sat down and had some good conversations. We spoke about the upcoming Presidential Election and we even spoke about Pokémon. Yes our good buddy JD Hammer not only hunts Sharks but he also hunts Pokemons. He even got Jonathan to catch his first Pokémon on this night. But of course our favorite topic on many nights is about Shark Fishing and also about Music. 

Resetting Baits In A Timely Manner

As we were listening to some tunes, one of my 14/0's gets picked up. I end up losing this fish as while I let it eat it cleaned me. I was not a happy camper. The Shark beat me this time. I immediately grab another bait and kayaked it to the same spot. Not long after the same rod gets hit again and this time I stuck the Shark good. The shark charges the beach and then fights a bit but it didn't fight too much. It ends up being a 7ft Lemon Shark that didn't fight too much. After the release we are happy we have had  2 hits and landed a decent Shark. 

Bull Shark!

Then Hammer's 16/0 gets picked up. He hits the running man and he is on. He ends up landing a very stout 8ft Male Bull Shark. A few hours later we call it a night. We all went home happy as we had another productive night and memories that we will never forget. We always have a great time out there.

Both Sharks were caught on Bullbuster Monofilament


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