Fishing Report:

Lemon Shark A Bull Shark And A Lost Tiger Shark With The Kids

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Florida Spring Landbased Shark Fishing

Enjoy the Spring Break Luis with his kids Chiqui and Javi meet up with JD to do some Shark Fishing. After setting out 4 rods in some strong currents the waiting game begins. After a few hours the bite suddenly turns on. One of Luis's 14/0's gets picked. This 14/0 has 300LB Bullbuster Mono and a Big AJ head for bait. This Shark takes the bait with ease. Luis sets up and he's on. 

 After a good battle the Shark is close and JD gets the rope on it and its a very healthy Male Bull Shark. After a few quick pics the Bull Shark is safely released and the team keeps on fishing. About an hour later Luis's other 14/0 gets picked up and hes on again. This time he hands the rod over to the kids. Chiqui and Javi take turns battling this shark. After about 20 minutes the shark is very close. Luis is with Chiqui who's on the rod while JD and Javi go to rope the shark. Suddenly the hook pulls out and the Shark is taken by a big wave. JD got a clear look and it was a Nice Tiger Shark. The kids are heart broken as is JD and Luis but it happens. The rest of the night is quiet as the bite slows. A great sunrise pic with Javi watching the Sunrise. Good Times.

 Luis and his oldest son Chiqui started spring break by hitting the Keys for a night of Shark Fishing. Conditions seemed favorable but fishing is fishing and the night didn't produce the expected bites. After setting out 3 baits the waiting game begins. After a while Luis's 12/0 with 125LB Bullbuster Mono and a Bullbuster Grander leader gets picked up. Luis hooks the Shark and hands it to Chiqui. Chiqui has no problem bringing in what ends up being a Small Lemon Shark. Although not a Big one Dad his happy to see his son catch a decent Shark and not go home empty handed.

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