Fishing Report:

Late Season Tactics: Ahi Fishing

Author: Jaren Luke

Trolling for Yellowfin Tuna

Fat Ahi While Fishing In Hawaii
One of the many ahi we caught this season. Resident ahi are more finicky than migraters and may not take trolled lures, so we often have to switch to live bait.


So far it’s been a fantastic ahi (yellowfin tuna) fishing season this year with many large ahi being caught. Unfortunately, ahi season must come to a close for the year. However, there is a resident population of ahi around year-round but they aren’t widespread and usually don’t stray from the porpoise or spinner dolphin pod. They also are not as quick to bite the plastic skirted lures that are trolled behind a boat. This requires a drastic change in fishing technique. 

Ahi Fishing In Hawaii
The resident population of ahi usually do not stray from the porpoise and spinner dolphin. Finding the ahi can be quite a scene with hundreds of spinner dolphin, diving birds, and big ahi busting on bait.

   We had a chance to use this different technique on a recent fishing trip on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii fishing on Anne’s Revenge with captain Garrett Lee. We spent the first two hours of the morning catching our live bait for the day. After catching about a dozen baits we had enough to last for a day out on the water. We trolled some lures around for a few hours looking for a porpoise pod with no bites. Finally we spotted the birds flying above the porpoise and the excitement started to build for what could be in store for us below the porpoise pile. There were two other boats around that were fishing the same pile and we watched as they fought landed a couple nice fish. So we let out two live baits on 80 pound Bullbuster fluorocarbon and got ourselves into position for the bite. 

Big Ahi & A Dorado Fishing In Hawaii
Two big ahis and a dorado after a great day of fishing.

Anticipation kept building as we saw two large ahi jump completely out of the water in all its glory chasing bait right in front of the boat. Shortly after our outrigger clip snapped open and the reel started screaming signaling a big ahi was on. After a fifteen minute fight we had a beautiful 150 pound ahi in the boat to make for some delicious sashimi for dinner! Aloha.

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