Fishing Report:

Late June And Early July Fishing Thoughts

Author: Robert Grimsley

Summer Surf Fishing In Texas

Fishing Report

The rainy weather has kept us off the beach over the last couple of weeks but we have made it out a few times but all in all, we have had some really productive trips over the last couple months.

We typically fish the stretches from Rollover Pass on Bolivar Peninsula to San Luis Pass on the west end of Galveston. Each area that we have fished along this stretch has had its good days..........and bad. Last Friday night we fished San Luis Pass and it was slow at best. We only caught a couple of hardhead catfish and a little bit of bait. Sometimes, I am amazed at how the rain can affect fishing in areas that normally produce lots of fish. We set up in an area that normally produces a few sharks, reds, or trouts but it wasn't happening that night. Throughout the night, I kept bait fresh and used more variety of bait then I usually do. At one point I had 4 different types of bait out on my shark gear (bonita, mullet, stingray, and blue runner). Nothing even really touched them. It wasn't until early in the morning on Saturday that we even had any good pulls on the lines.

In the days leading up to a trip, I sit down and look at various fishing reports, the weather (both what it has been and what is predicted), and the surf cameras. This is especially important for shorter day trips as we don't have time to relocate if it's really slow. Trying to predict the best places to go is not always easy and even with the best information, and the best educated guess..........sometimes you're still wrong. When we have the rains in Houston and along the coast the way we have, it makes it really difficult to predict good areas to hit. A lot of the bigger game fish and sharks will move out to water that has a higher salinity and you just can't get there from the shore.

With that the Galveston Bay complex has been tough ever since Hurricane Harvey and it has been getting back to normal. It still seems that the fish in the bays and near shore areas are very sensitive to fresh water when it comes into the areas though. One good thing that we have noticed is that when it's on.........IT'S ON!! We have been able to set the bar pretty high for our team records on these really productive days. We originally set a team record in May, catching and releasing 8 sharks. Then, a couple weeks later, broke that record, catching and releasing 12. We have caught 3 Redfish over 32 inches (32, 36.5, and 37.5) this year, which is a personal record for me. And we have been very consistent most of the times that we are on the water.

As the recent rains have moved on, and the water is getting back to normal, we hope that all of you take the time this summer to get out and enjoy our coastal areas. We are still seeing days of beautiful clear water. July and August are times that winds typically die down and the big stingrays come closer to shore. Blacktip and Spinner sharks will start to migrate out to sea, but there will be bigger bulls and scalloped head sharks in the area.

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