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Keys Trip 4/12/15

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Awesome Bridge Shark Fishing In Islamorada

   I knew the Keys bite was on so JD and I planned to take a trip on a Sunday morning. Like usual when we head to the Keys, JD comes to my house and we left in one truck from there. We get to the bridge around noon when the tide had just switched to incoming so we had to wait about 6 hours until we could put shark baits out but that would give us plenty of time to catch bait with the new tube jigs I had made. 

Keys Bridge Shark Fishing
Fresh cuda is one of our favorite baits. It must be something about the cuda stench but the bait in this picture is bull candy. We rig them with a balloon on the leader to let the current take the bait a good distance from the bridge.

Keys Bridge Cudas
Two keys bridge cudas ready for shark bait. I caught these tube lures I made prior to the trip. Its great when the bite is on, because it can turn off for long periods of time when these guys get real finicky and will be cautious enough to bump your bait with their nose.

   I get the first cuda hit on a Tube Lure but this cuda quickly went under the bridge and popped me off. As I'm walking back to our camp, JD hooks up to a big cuda on his first cast. This cuda put up a good fight but JD, but was ready to become shark bait. I spend the next 5 hours of the incoming tide chasing cudas but they stopped hitting. I tried everything from the Tube Lures to live bait. They would be curious but they wouldn't commit. I hoped that close to slack tide they would turn on again. Once the Tide slowed around 6PM I am still chasing cudas and they finally start hitting again. 

Home Made Tube Lure
Its great to know how to make tube lures because cudas will tear through these things. Its not hard to go through a half a dozen of these things in a trip.

I hook up to a big one and scream to JD to bring the bridge gaff. Now we have two Fresh cudas and just in time for the changing tide so we can put our shark baits out. We get one of the fresh cudas and we put a half on each Shark Rod. JD has his 14/0 and I have my 14/0. Shortly after the Sun had gone down, my 14/0 gets picked up. The Shark picks up and drops the bait like 4 times. While this is going on JD's 14/0 also gets picked up. I end up bringing in a Blacktip Shark. We will take it but it's not what we came here for. We release the Black tip and I go and grab a fresh cuda tail for my 14/0 that a friend of ours had given us. About an hour later it gets picked up solid. I let this Shark eat a bit and then set up. As soon as I am hooked up we knew it was a nice Shark. The Shark starts taking drag on the 14/0. We keep an eye on the line and the direction the Shark is heading to make sure the line doesn't rub on the Power Poles out there. This Shark is passed the poles and still taking drag. 

Catching A Big Bullshark From A Keys Bridge

We figured it was a big bull. After about 30 minutes we get the Big Bull inside the poles and straight up and down. She is a really nice bull with solid girth. Once we have her straight up and down she keeps trying to go under the Bridge. But we are not letting her. We walk the Bull to the seawall and to a good landing spot this bridge has so we can take some nice pics and safely release this shark. She swims back out in to Keys waters. This was a great trip and it's always a blast when we get together and fish. - JD's Cuda was caught on Bullbuster Flurocarbon Leader - My Cuda was caught on 20lb Bullbuster mono- Both Sharks were caught on Bullbuster mono. 

Keys shark fishing big bull on pilings
Fat bull straight up and down. It took some work to keep this thing from going under the bridge or in and out of the pilings.

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