Fishing Report:

Key West Tuna

Author: Austin Porter

Fishing For Tuna In Key West In April


Back in April I went South to Key West to fish the blackfin tunas. Every year around March and April the tuna's school behind the shrimp boats with the bonito. This year we spent two days in search of the tunas, the first day striking out. The second day we decided to run to the furthest shrimp boats.. Once we got the boats, we throw chunks of sardines over and see if any blackfins ball up. This year was a little weird compared to normal years not seeing many bonito as normal.. However the first shrimp boat we hit had a few blackfin on it. I use 20lb mono with 60lb leader and 7/0 hook.. We would drift a chunk back and watch the tuna come up and slam it. The weather was slightly overcast making it difficult to see the tunas coming. We had to drift a chunk back and hope it was a tuna. After about 2 hours we landed 9 tunas and decided to go to a wreck to snapper fish. At the wreck we ended up catch tons of amberjacks, yellowtails, mangrove snapper, cobia, kingfish, and many cuda's. 

I use Bullbuster 20lb mono for the tuna's because I like the way it stretches on the fight, the guys I fished with use braid and when that tuna gets a head of steam and a little to much pressure seems to always bust them off.

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